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Unique Creative - art • design • Consultancy

Unique Creative - art • design • Consultancy

Unique Creative - art • design • ConsultancyUnique Creative - art • design • Consultancy
SJP Studios collective

'a sneaky peek'. 


Ingredients 1973-1989

"First word "Cake' last word, will be Cake".

Born Bristol England in the early 70's, with a wandering mind, craving for adventure, love of the natural world, meeting people, finger painting, mud pies, making up stories. A dreamer with a desire to please and willingness to help others.

Mix Well 1990-2011

"It's every colour and shape in this world that make's it so beautiful, its truly seeing the diversity in life that makes the difference".

Early 90’s  achieves an HND in graphic design illustration. Spent very long days and nights in front of paper, wall, screen, with pencil, pen, brush, spray can or mouse in hand.

Mid 90’s,  a variety of  jobs in the worlds of print, graphic display, events and exhibitions. Immersed every day in the commercial hustle and bustle of business. Travelled the world delivering succesful projects time after time, from the simple, to the weird and the wonderful.  

"Felt like gas mark 8 for 20+ years, well and truly cooked, extremely thankful for all those people and experiences along the way. 

Time for 'Cake' 2012 - ....

"Following a Homer Simpson like epiphany in 2012 - read about that moment SJP STUDIOS • Blog"coming soon ....

SJP STUDIOS was established to provide a unique creative offering, utilising both digital and traditional methods, working independently and collaboratively to deliver on your projects your objectives with total service.

SJP STUDIOS has now flourished into a successful enterprise, delivering unique creative. Continues in exploring new opportunities and further expanding the offering to individuals, groups, and corporates.

Ultimate ambition.

"To leave a legacy renowned for pleasing and helping others, through creativity, art, design and unique creative experiences".